Basics of editing

Editing Services

Bizrazzi editing is our core business, a service that delivers fully-vetted written works at a level of quality equal to high-end publishers.

While it is possible to do-it-yourself -- identifying every typo, duplicate word, leap of logic and inconsistency in a manuscript -- hiring a professional editor is the single best step a writer can take in the publishing process. 
Even experienced authors with the greatest attention to detail for narrative, character and plot are ill-equipped to realize a final manuscript by virtue of proximity to the word.

You'll be amazed and thankful for an outside perspective. We promise.

Our Editing Process

All edits and comments are made in tracked changes in a fully-engaged back-and-forth process, allowing the writer not only to decide on the value of the editing work, but what to keep.

All quotes are keyed to the length of a manuscript and time we estimate will be required to reach the final clean copy.