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The advent of eBook distribution options and quality print-on-demand services ushered in a bright new era for creative artists. While these technological advances offer exciting opportunities for authors to bypass traditional publishers, retaining creative control and copyright ownership, they also risk undervaluing the role of editors in the book world. Promising work now often falls short of accepted industry standards for want of quality control and healthy creative feedback, missing a wider audience. 

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Project Summary

A Sea Story
Authored by N W S

Enter the world of Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS).
Join Mike Zurich and his classmates in Class 04-00 for a detailed look at the thirteen weeks of Navy OCS training. Do you have what it takes? Honor. Courage. Commitment. The United States Navy.

N.W.S. 1977 –
A Sea Story 
Book 1: Officer Candidate School
531 pages
ISBN 978-0-9853554-2-5